The Advantages of SD‐WAN over Traditional WAN

An SD‐WAN has several advantages over a traditional WAN.

✓ Simplified WAN:

  • Rapid deployment and automation
  • Quality‐of‐Service (QoS) that adjusts with automated link and capacity monitoring
  • Scalable secure communications over any transport
  • Management and orchestration that can be cloud delivered or on‐premise

✓ 精简的 WAN :

  • 自动化的快速部署
  • 感知网络状态,实现 QoS 动态调整
  • 可伸缩的安全传输层设计
  • 部署及管理过程可实现云端交付

✓ Efficient WAN utilization:

  • Unification of all available WAN links to provide aggregate capacity
  • Distributed, cloud‐based services with simple policy‐based insertion

✓ 高效的网络利用率

  • 可以复用所有 WAN 链路,实现带宽倍增
  • 新增网络服务方便,支持分布式架构

✓ Assured application performance:

  • Forwarding based on real‐time evaluation of WAN characteristics, including quality and capacity of the link
  • Dynamic reactions to meet business policy based on performance or security criteria
  • Active‐Active support to provide subsecond reaction to WAN blackouts or brownouts so that application flow can be continued

✓ 高性能服务

  • 实时监测 WAN 链路质量,动态优化包转发路径
  • 闭环状态反馈,满足业务级别的性能和安全要求
  • 提供亚秒级别的 WAN 链路容灾切换,完全不影响用户应用

✓ Highly available WAN:

  • A physical transport‐independent overlay for managing user connectivity and experience to different applications
  • Greater flexibility in choosing and changing service providers
  • Faster provisioning times and automated configurations
  • Delivery of performance and security for on‐premise and cloud applications. No backhaul performance penalty

✓ 高可靠服务

  • 为用户应用提供,独立于底层传输层的网络性能保证
  • 用户可以随意切换网络供应商
  • 平台配置简单快速
  • 消除了 backhaul 性能损耗,不论是云端应用或者本地应用性能都得以保证

✓ MSP ready:

  • Central management and troubleshooting of complex customer environments
  • MSPs move from connectivity play to service delivery offerings
  • Elimination of expensive truck rolls and lengthy deployment cycles

✓ Manage Service Provider 托管服务友好

  • 为复杂的用户环境,提供集中化管理和故障排查
  • 实现持续交付的服务
  • 缩短部署周期